Use of Ahrefs SEO tool

For most visitors, Ahrefs is a link analysis tool, which link metrics are relevant now, and how does Ahrefs respond to changes in algorithms?

Tim Soulo replied that first of all, Ahrefs is more than a link analysis tool. And this is a big problem for the company because it needs to change the perception of the whole society. The speaker said that they regularly conduct training and compare the correlation of their metrics with Google ranking. Besides, they compare the quality of their metrics with competitors. Tim recalled a recent Moz study that looked at ranking factors in 2015. Then Moz turned to Ahrefs and requested the company data, and they were provided. Tim showed 2 slides from a Moz study. The relationship between page weight, the number of unique IP links, the number of root domains and subdomains with any links that link to the URL are displayed here. Correlation of reference metrics and rankings were similar for almost 6 years.

The next slide shows that reference correlations were compared based on Mozscape's and Ahrefs data. And the result was almost the same:

As for updating the algorithms, Tim said that they regularly reconstruct their search engine (this is their kind of internal tool). Ahrefs updates its metrics, index, checks the quality of search results. When you have your search engine, most things become obvious. You understand what type of links you should include in page ranking, etc.

Can you compare Google and Ahrefs indexes? What percentage of links can you not find?

Tim noted that they cannot find everything. To find everything, they need to add many services to their system. They can do this, for example, in a week. But the company is now worried not so much about the size of the index, but about the relevance and quality of the data. If we talk about the relevance of the data, then leading SEO experts respond positively to the quality and "freshness" of Ahrefs data. The relevance of the data is what the company invests a lot of resources in. Regarding the quality of the data, the speaker is sure that many exported backlinks from some sites, and they saw that this list could contain “junk” links (duplicates, etc.). Therefore, Ahrefs teaches its search engines to identify this garbage. If you compare the Google and Ahrefs indices, then Google has more. As his robots browse 20 billion pages daily, Ahrefs robots 4 billion. But for Ahrefs, this is enough to keep its index up-to-date and clean.

You have 3 tools: Content Explorer, Positions Explorer, Keywords Explorer. Which one is the most successful? What data can be obtained with their help?

Tim believes that the most popular Ahrefs tool is Site Explorer. This is a tool with which you can see backlinks to your site. The company updates this tool weekly and adds new features. Recently, the ability to filter backlinks based on the language of the page has been added. Another new option is the ability to filter backlinks based on the platform. For example, you can select backlinks from WordPress sites. Tim’s favorite option recently introduced into the Site Explorer tool is the ability to group related links. Content Explorer is a competitive tool for the BuzzSumo service. Ahrefs has a better index than BuzzSumo; Finds new articles faster. Content Explorer also has a graph that shows how the number of reposts grows over time. Tim recommends going to YouTube and finding the Ahrefs channel. There you can see different tools, features, and application.

What is the main difference between Ahrefs and its main competitors?

Tim believes that the main difference is the size of the company. Indeed, Ahrefs is a very small company compared to its competitors. Some companies have more than 150 employees, SEMrush has more than 200 employees, Ahrefs has only 20 people in its team. And this is a great advantage of Ahrefs, it allows the company to grow quickly, quickly introduce new ideas and tools.

Can you share the 5 best practices or secrets to using Ahrefs tools?

An interesting fact is that some Ahrefs customers are sometimes better at using tools than Ahrefs itself. For example, recently, one client recorded an excellent video guide about the distribution of SEO traffic from competitors. After posting this video on YouTube, it gained more than 26,000 views. Ahrefs invests a lot in creating training materials that show all kinds of ways to use Ahrefs tools.

How does Ahrefs find a redirect to a site? Is this usually 100% accurate or is it likely that a lot of redirect links are missing?

If someone links to the site through a redirect, Ahrefs cannot track it. But the company is working on this issue now. So stay tuned for Ahrefs blog.

Do you think that many sites block Ahrefs in robots.txt?

Based on Ahrefs documentation, a very small percentage of sites do this. These are mainly sites that specialize in black CEOs. And for them, it is not very profitable, because Google can see that they are hiding their site from search robots.
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