Top 10 richest women in the Forbes 2019 world look like

Billionaires: what the 10 richest women in the Forbes 2019 world look like

If you think that modern billionaires are refined socialites, whose fingers are shaking with the weight of diamond rings, we hasten to disappoint you and show you what the richest women in the world really look like.

According to Forbes, every year the number of women who grow rich and increase their fortunes is constantly growing (the exception was only 2016 when billionaires in the legendary list became 7 people less). If in 2010 the business publication included only 91 ladies in its ranking of billionaires, then by 2019 their number increased to 243. The dynamics are definitely promising.

Moreover, one of the women on the 2019 Forbes list managed to set a new record. 21-year-old model Kylie Jenner, who has earned $ 1 billion over the past year, has become the youngest billionaire in modern history. Recall that even the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg got into the legendary list only at the age of 23 years.

Using the example of the 20 major billionaires of the world, we decided to figure out what and how to do to appear in the Forbes ranking (a small spoiler: the shortest way is to be born into a rich family, but it is not the only one).

1. Francoise Betancourt Myers

Age: 65 years old
Country: France
Status: $ 49.3 billion
What she does:  co-owner L'Oréal

The French entrepreneur and granddaughter of the founder of the company L'Oreal first hit the Forbes list last year, and in 2019 rose to the 15th line and became the leader among women. She took over a 33% stake in L'Oreal in 2017 when her mother, Liliane Bettencourt (who held the Forbes women's list for many years) died. Francoise Betancourt Myers has become a worthy successor to the family business, because with her, company earnings continued to grow, and stock prices rose 17 percent in 2018. I must say that the Frenchwoman has long been involved in the affairs of L'Oreal - since 1997 she has been on the board of directors. In addition to business, Francoise is president of a charity foundation founded by her family that supports the development of French science and art.

2. Alice Walton

Age: 69 years old
Country: United States
Condition: $ 44.4 billion
What it does: co-owner of Walmart Corporation

Although Alice Walton was born with a silver spoon in her mouth (her family-owned and owns the world's largest retail chain Walmart), however, she did not immediately join the family business. Instead, a young graduate of Trinity University (Texas) decided to work on her own first, starting with economics and finance. And only having gained enough experience in analytics and brokerage, Alice took a stake in her father's company, which still brings her impressive dividends. In addition to business, however, Alice, like any self-respecting rich woman, patronizes art, finances political parties (Republicans regularly earn the honor of getting her money) and gets dirty in scandals - they are related to drunk driving by an American. By the way, in 2011, Alice Walton opened the Crystal Bridges Museum in her hometown of Bentonville, Arkansas.

3. Jacqueline Mars

Age: 79 years old
Country: United States
Status: $ 23.9 billion
What he does: Chairman of the Board of Mars Incorporated

Jacqueline also inherited her share in the "sweet" company. She is an anthropologist by training, but the lack of knowledge and experience in business does not prevent her from earning a huge fortune by selling famous chocolates. Jacqueline Mars joined the family business in 1982 (she began working as the head of the food department), and to date, she owns 1/3 of all Mars Incorporated shares. Meanwhile, the family company is not the only source of income for Jacqueline. Among other things, the woman acts as a trustee of the US Equestrian Team, and also serves on the board of directors of the Washington National Opera.

4. Yang Haiyan

Age: 37 years
Country: China
Condition :  $ 22.1 billion
What does it do: the main shareholder of the development company Country Garden

Yang Huiyian is not only one of the youngest billionaires on the list, but also the richest person in China. The young Chinese woman received her fortune (70 percent of the shares of Country Garden Holdings) more than 10 years ago as a gift from her father, who, nevertheless, remains the chairman of the family company (though not so rich anymore). Most likely, a full board will fall into Yang’s hands when her father deems it necessary to leave the post - and while the girl is preparing to inherit the business: in 2003 she was educated at Ohio State University, and then returned to China and joined her father’s company in 2005 as Purchasing Manager, and a year later was appointed Executive Director. The Chinese woman really copes with her duties perfectly - this is evidenced by the sharp increase in Country Garden shares in 2018. In just four days of stock exchanges, Yang Huiyian’s fortune grew from $ 23.6 billion to $ 25.6 billion. The talented businesswoman is also fine with her personal life: at the end of 2006, she married the son of a government official (after the young people had a “blind date”).

5. Susan Klatten

Age: 56 years
Country: Germany
Status: $ 21 billion
What it does: owner of the pharmaceutical company Altana and a major shareholder in the BMW auto concern

The richest woman in Germany, Susan Klatten received the tidy stakes in Altana and BMW as an inheritance from her father, but she simply didn’t burn the resulting fortune, but immediately started developing both companies under the requirements of the new time. Frau Klatten received a brilliant education in business administration in Switzerland, and before joining the family business she worked in the field of advertising and PR, as well as an engineer at BMW. It was under her leadership that Altana, from an average pharmaceutical company, turned into the third-largest company in Germany - Susan still actively advocates investing in chemistry and medicine to discover new innovative drugs. Currently, the woman is the sole owner and deputy chairman of Altana, whose annual sales exceed $ 2.5 billion. She also owns shares in Nordex AG (a European company engaged in the development, production, and sale of wind energy equipment) and SGL Group (a leading manufacturer of carbon products).

6. Lauren Powell Jobs

Age: 55 years old
Country: United States
Status : $ 18.6 billion
What it does: co-owner of Apple Inc. and the Walt Disney company

Today, Lauren is remembered in the press only as the widow of the legendary Steve Jobs, but a successful marriage (and inheritance) is not the only thing this woman can boast of. Behind her - education at prestigious Stanford University, dozens of social and scientific projects, as well as active participation in Apple Inc. and The Walt Disney Company. In 2004, Lauren Powell Jobs founded the nonprofit organization Emerson Collective, which annually invests millions of dollars in the development of information technology, business, and promising startups. In 2017, the Emerson Collective became the majority owner of one of America's oldest and most respected literary magazines - The Atlantic. According to the Washington Post, the organization plans to become the sole owner of The Atlantic in 2020–2022. Another well-known project by Lauren Powell Jobs was the organization College Track, founded in 1997. For over 20 years, she has been successfully working to raise school standards in the United States and also provides support to talented students.

7. Abigail Johnson

Age: 57 years
Country: United States
Status : $ 15.6 billion
What he does: Fidelity Investments CEO

Abigail is a senior executive at Fidelity Investments (a global investor services company) in the third generation of the Johnson family. Today, in addition to asset management, a woman receives additional income from her 24.4% stake - this alignment makes her not only one of the richest billionaires of our time but also one of the most active. Johnson also always keeps up to date, which allows Fidelity Investments to be ahead of its competitors. Her company uses cryptocurrencies, and in 2018 she launched a platform that enabled investors to operate bitcoins.

8. Iris Fontbona

Age: 77 years
Country: Chile
Status: $ 15.4 billion
What it does: Owner of the Antofagasta mining company

The widow of billionaire Andronico Luxis, Iris Fontbona today is considered the richest person in Chile. A woman and her children receive income both from the activities of the family company and from their stakes in the Bank of Chile, several local transport companies and two resorts in Croatia.

9. Gina Reinhart

Age: 65 years old
Country: Australia
Status : $ 15.2 billion
What she does: owner of the iron ore company Hancock Prospecting

Gina Reinhart - the richest man in Australia - owns the largest iron ore mining company - and, like many of her colleagues on the list, inherited her 76.6% stake from her father. In 2017, her fortune increased sharply from $ 8.8 billion to $ 15 billion, and since then has not dropped below this mark. However, in the Reinhart family, not everything is as smooth as in business. Bypassing his father’s will (according to which Hancock Prospecting should become the property of four women’s children after the youngest is 25 years old), Gina’s father didn’t let the children go to the fund’s assets for a long time, for which he was “punished” in court. Her children are currently in control of the trust fund, but the Reinhart family has not yet reached a point in litigation ( see also: “Mistress of the Iron Mountain: The Success Story of Georgina Reinhart.” )

10. Kwong siu hing

Age: 90 years
Country: China
Status: $ 15.1 billion
What does: the largest shareholder of Sun Hung Kai Properties

Kwong Siu-hing is the widow of the founder of Sun Hung Kai Properties, the largest developer in Hong Kong. She served as company chairman from 2008 to 2011 after her eldest son, Walter, left the post as a result of a heated conflict with his own brothers, Thomas and Raymond. Today, it remains the largest shareholder of Sun Hung Kai with a 26.58% stake. Her three sons were supposed to inherit equal shares of this huge fortune after her death, however, since Walter died in 2018, most likely, wealth would be redistributed between his children and brothers. Meanwhile, Thomas and Raymond now already have a great fortune. In 2017, they were ranked 77th on the Forbes list and also ranked fourth among the richest people in Hong Kong.
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