TOP-10 of the best insurance companies CTP and CASCO - Rating 2019

To insure yourself against financial difficulties in an accident, you need to apply for a CTP or CASCO policy at the best insurance company in 2019. By purchasing car insurance, you get peace of mind and protection from monetary losses in the event of a conviction in an accident. As the market is highly competitive, it is worth looking for the best rate for car insurance.

One company may charge you a high fee for low driving experience or a bad history; another may offer special discounts based on other criteria. The best car insurance companies, as a rule, offer a convenient site where you can get a Casco or e-Osago policy (electronic policy), a quick inspection after an accident and a quality repair service.

Choosing the right high-rated insurance agent can be safe on the go. We analyzed all the factors and compiled a single understandable list. The TOP-10 rating of the best insurance companies in Russia includes insurers with positive feedback from customers and a minimum number of complaints against insurance commissioners.

10. Zetta Insurance

Zetta Insurance - insurance company, order an insurance policy online.
Zetta insurance company is convenient to use because you can do everything in one place (CASCO insurance, Osago policy, buy travel insurance, insure property, a child, a mortgage and get protection from encephalitis ticks). Using the Internet, you can buy online insurance and renew it in your account on the Zetta website.

The cost of compulsory motor liability insurance starts from 2300 rubles and depends on the region, the power of the car, the minimum length of service of insured drivers and age. The CASCO policy will cost the motorist 4000 rubles. and will provide repair at the workshop with an authorized dealer, payments without wear and tear, a discount of up to 50%, paintwork and glass elements without information.

A full hull with a franchise is needed to cover the costs of evacuation, breakdowns, damage, theft, and accidents. It is possible to buy Casco inexpensively if you are married if you are over 25 years old and your experience exceeds 6 years if there are no more than 4 drivers in the contract.

9. Cherehapa

Cherehapa - online travel insurance.
As an online car insurance selection service, Cherehapa can offer lower rates than regular insurance companies. Among their partners are present: Alfa Insurance, Liberty, Energogarant, Allianz, Sberbank, and VTB. Cherehapa allows customers to choose special prices for car insurance throughout Russia.

Indicate the category of car, the number of drivers (from 1 to 5 or unlimited), registration address, insurance period and driving experience. In a few seconds, the system will select the most inexpensive options and after payment, you will receive an Osago e-mail policy. Print the original on the printer and present to the traffic police if necessary.

For good driving throughout the year, the car owner can get a reduction in the price of the policy. Cherehapa offers travel accident insurance. Additional options include baggage insurance, air travel, loss of documents, cancellation of a flight and travel by car.

8. Rosgosstrakh

Rosgosstrakh is the flagship of the domestic insurance market.
Rosgosstrakh - the oldest insurance company in the country, was founded in 1921. You can buy car insurance on the website and get the policy by e-mail, by phone or in one of the 1,500 sales offices. Besides, customers can apply for insurance through independent insurance agents. The company employs more than 50 thousand employees and has about 300 points of settlement of losses.

Rosgosstrakh insures property, travel, health (medical insurance) of individuals. To calculate the cost of e-OSAGO accident-free riding is taken into account. For each year, you can get a 5% discount, and the maximum size for 10 years will be 50%. It is difficult to find an insurance company with a large number of products and services.

We recommend Rosgosstrakh because they offer a complete package to protect customers from losses with low-cost auto insurance rates and round-the-clock support. For these reasons, insurance is highly regarded by motorists. In the TOP-10 rating, Rosgosstrakh takes a confident second place in 2019.

7. RESO-Warranty

RESO-Garantia - CTP insurance CASCO, CASCO insurance calculation, CTP insurance policy, motor hull insurance.
RESO-Garantia has a low base rate and works with hundreds of service stations to inspect and repair a car after an accident throughout Russia. Before concluding an agreement with the insurance company Reso, you need to pay attention to all the requirements for the driver and his transport. The site has a simple OSAGO calculator for individuals and legal entities.

Besides, it is possible to obtain damage coverage for international travel (Green Card), regardless of the country of destination. Report an insured event to RESO-Garant on the website or through the mobile application for Android and iOS. Then provide the necessary documents online and guaranteed to receive a payment within 25 business days.

To save on Casco, you can purchase a franchise policy. This is the non-refundable insurance part of the damage in the event of an accident. In mid-2019, Reso was in the TOP-10 of the best insurance companies with 4 million active customers, 450 thousand insurance payments and 30 billion rubles of compensation.

6. VSK Insurance House

VSK Insurance House - insurance for individuals and legal entities.  CASCO, CTP, VHI insurance policies.  Calculation and registration of insurance online.
Compulsory liability insurance is the best option for car owners who need basic protection and want to pay less. MTPL is one of the most affordable insurance. The price for it starts from 2500 rubles. For an additional fee, VSK can be insured against accidents, protect housing, property, and risks during the trip.

If you need to ensure the driver, then there are two options: CTP and CASCO. The first takes into account accidents caused by the insured or another driver. Since 2019, VSK has been reducing tariffs for Moscow and the Moscow Region. The second insurance includes payments in case of theft, damage or complete loss of the car if another driver is to blame.

For young and inexperienced drivers with a low coefficient of KBM, VSK Insurance House will offer inexpensive policies after calculating the cost on the website online. For business, there are insurance options for heavy trucks, air transport, space risks, and railway transport. VSK got into the ranking of the best insurance companies and occupies the last position.

5. Alpha Insurance

Alfa Insurance is an insurance company in Moscow.
Alfa Insurance is a great option for car owners in any city in the country (Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Chelyabinsk, and Saratov). If you live in one of these cities and have an experience of more than 3 years, then insurance premiums will be cheaper than in other companies. Among the services provided by Alpha are: electronic eOSAGO, CASCO and Green Card.

The cost of the policy may vary depending on the brand of car, year of manufacture, driving experience and region. The company also offers several Casco programs for any car brands: Audi, Ford, Hyundai, Kia, and Nissan. Two main programs: settlement without inquiries in case of damage to glass elements, compensation up to 50% of the cost of a car.

Today Alfa Insurance has the highest reliability rating (A ++), more than 270 regional representatives and the ability to conveniently issue an Osago policy online via the Internet. An exact calculation of the cost of insurance will be obtained after filling out the form on the company's website.

4. Consent

Consent - insurance company, official site.
Consent has been operating since 1993 and is one of the largest auto insurance companies in Moscow and other cities in 2019. Competitive prices, roadside assistance, 24/7 operational support and a large number of service stations put Insurance Consent in sixth place in the rating.

They offer not only transport insurance but also life, property, travel insurance for individuals and legal entities. Financial protection does not apply if the culprit of the accident fled if he was drunk if the culprit did not have an insurance policy or during a race.

Get a monthly discount of 1% if there were no accidents during the insurance period. If during the year an insured event occurs, then pay for CASCO only 50% of the amount. The maximum cost of covering an insured event in the Consent reaches 1.5 million rubles. In the list of the best insurance companies, Consent is on the 6th line.

3. Tinkoff Insurance

Tinkoff Insurance - CASCO and CTP insurance.
The Tinkoff company is known to most as a Russian bank, but they are involved in car, travel, accident, apartment, and house insurance. The Tinkoff Insurance app allows customers to pay for insurance, extend CTP and CASCO policies, report traffic accidents and upload photos to schedule appointments with an appraiser.

Tinkoff Insurance has been in the TOP-10 of the best insurance companies for 3 years and satisfies all the needs of modern consumers. No need to go to the office to conclude an insurance contract. At Tinkoff, customers buy the Osago policy online and receive it by e-mail or at home using a courier.

If you have an accident, then consult with the operator in the chat at any time. To confirm the accident, you need to download documents from a mobile phone (Europrotocol and the accident report). Compensation for damage in cash is paid to the card of any bank in Russia.

2. Renaissance InsuranceUser Choice

Renaissance Insurance is a universal insurance company.
The Renaissance is an inexpensive insurance company and perhaps the most reliable insurance agent. They offer drivers to install a telematics system for driving style analysis to get a discount of up to 50% on the CASCO policy. The Renaissance offers to independently calculate the cost by indicating the city of residence, car make, year of manufacture, model and driving experience.

The great advantage of Renaissance insurance is the availability of customer service offices in most major cities of Russia (Moscow, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, St. Petersburg, Yaroslavl), as well as a large agent network. Users can insure themselves during a trip abroad and outdoor activities, from accidents, fire in the apartment and buying an apartment with a mortgage.

The Osago insured event occurs when an accident occurs with mechanical damage to the vehicle. In case of harm to life and health, an amount of up to 500 thousand rubles is paid to each victim. Casco covers expenses after car theft, evacuation after an accident, for repairs, emergency commissioner services and the replacement of glass elements.

1. Ingosstrakh

Ingosstrakh - insurance in the largest insurance company in Russia.
Ingosstrakh is a well-known Russian insurance company with an extensive customer base and positive feedback from motorists. They offer discounts for drivers with trouble-free driving (up to 40%), discounts on hull insurance (5%) with a valid insurance policy and other pleasant bonuses for motorists.

Ingosstrakh is consistently ranked in the TOP-10 of the best car insurance companies in Russia and occupies a large percentage of the total market share. Currently, the company can buy an insurance policy online without visiting a sales office. The cost of insurance is calculated on a calculator and depends on the category of transport (car, motorcycle, truck), the number of drivers, length of service and region (Moscow, St. Petersburg).

The CASCO policy in Ingosstrakh reimburses damage in case of car theft, damage or complete loss of a car as a result of an accident. When installing a monitoring system, you can get a 5% discount, when moving from another insurance company 20%, and for a policy with a deductible up to 60% savings. When traveling to another country by car, you should buy a Green Card
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