Top 10 most reliable cars in the world

In Germany, reliability ratings are from inspection companies: Dekra and the Association of Technical Inspection Agencies VdTÜV. The breakdown statistics for 1000 cars are maintained by the German automobile club ADAC. In the USA, the independent organization Consumer Reports has been making breakdown statistics for over 80 years based on a survey of owners. Another popular study is released by the marketing agency JD Power. In Russia, statistics on reliability began to conduct an online auction CarPrice.

The mechanism for determining the most reliable models is different for everyone, so the ratings can be very different from each other. Nevertheless, has collected the models that most often lead in them, regardless of the compilation methodology.

1.Audi A1

Audi's smallest model leads in several ratings. For example, Dekra put her first in the small class. In addition to corrosion of the discs and distortions of the headlights, there are no complaints from the owners. ADAC Club counted only 5.9 breakdowns per 1000 cars - an impressive result in the premium segment. In the TÜV rating of 2015, it was the leader among cars aged 4-5 years (5.7% of breakdowns). This year it takes only 8th place among cars aged 2-3 years.

2.Audi A6

For the third year in a row, the Audi A6 in the back of the C7 becomes the most reliable car with mileage of up to 150 thousand km according to Dekra. According to the calculations of the ADAC club, there are 5.4 failures per 1000 Audi A6 - the second result in the class. At the same time, in other ratings, the A6 is losing ground - for example, in the new JDPower, it dropped from second to fourth. The TÜV Association placed the A6 / A7 in second place in its last year’s ranking among cars aged 4-5 years, and this model is no longer in the new one.

3.Honda CR-V

The CR-V crossover was in the top ten cars that were able to reach the milestone of 200 thousand miles (more than 300 thousand km) and did not require major repairs. In addition, Consumer Reports called the crossover the leader in reliability in its class. TÜV put this model in third place among machines aged 6-7 years. CR-V also set a unique record in Russia: the first generation of this model became the most reliable used car. This conclusion was reached by CarPrice analysts, having studied cars produced 20-25 years ago.

4.Lexus RX

Lexus RX - less than other mid-size premium crossovers is a nuisance to owners, according to JD Power. In addition, the seventh year agency names the Lexus brand the most reliable. Consumer Reports was of the same opinion, but in 2017, the Japanese premium brand lost first place to Toyota. RX reliability was also appreciated in the UK: in 2016, he headed the Driver Power rating of Auto Express.

5.Mercedes-Benz B-Class

The German compact van turned out to be deprived of significant shortcomings - the first place among the single-volume cars in the Dekra ranking for 2018. TÜV rated it highly reliable in the 4 to 5 year category. Only in 3.9% of cases did the compact van need repairs. In the more recent category, from 2 to 3 years old, he took third place.

6.Mercedes-Benz GLK

The mid-size Mercedes-Benz GLK paired with the Porsche 911 was chosen as the most reliable car in the TÜV-2017 rating, and this year it retained its first position in its class. JD Power also praises the model: the GLK for the third year becomes the most trouble-free crossover in the compact premium segment. At the same time, Consumer Reports placed the new generation, which changed its name to the GLC, in the top ten most unreliable cars.

7.Porsche 911

The Porsche 911 last year took the top of the TÜV rating with the Mercedes-Benz GLK. In addition, he became the most reliable car in the category of 2-3 years. This year, the rear-engine Porsche headed several categories at once, including from 6 to 11 years. Thus, even age 911s are not often in services. According to a survey of owners, JD Power recognized the Porsche 911 as the highest quality new car. According to the Consumer Reports rating, it is one of the most reliable German cars.

8.Smart fortwo

Analysts at the Russian online auction CarPrice consider Smart ForTwo one of the most reliable cars in the secondary market. They analyzed the condition of several thousand cars from different regions. As a result, ForTwo became the most reliable among cars manufactured in 1998-2003, and ForTwo of the second generation took second place among cars aged 10-15 years. In the 2016 JD Power ranking, German supermini was in second place.

9.Toyota Camry

Camry left the European market in 2004, so it’s not in the German and British ratings. At the same time, American statistics eloquently speak about the reliability of the sedan. According to JD Power, Camry leads the ranks of both new and used cars. Consumer Reports, in turn, put it on the first line of the most trouble-free cars that can drive more than 300 thousand km without serious problems.

10.Toyota Prius

Consumer Reports included Toyota Prius in the ranking of the most trouble-free cars - the hybrid took third place in the top 10. The JD Power agency, in turn, called the Prius the most reliable used car in the compact class. The TÜV rating in 2016 put the hybrid in second place among cars aged 6–9 years.

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