Top 10 best cars of 2018

Top 10 cars which is the best in 2018.

During 2018, more than 50 cars visited the HB test. Choosing the best ones is not an easy task. But at the request of readers, who remembered the similar material of last year, we nevertheless took up this overwhelming task.
The year was fun. Somewhere in the world, the triumphal procession of electric cars continued, which are becoming cheaper and more perfect, in some places they are beginning to experience unmanned cars in real conditions, and in some places even flying cars.

1. Audi Q8

The Audi Q8 is not just a piece of luxury on wheels. This is a piece of luxury on wheels that literally flies.

A futuristic design hides a unique set of technologies, a full description of which will draw in volume to War and Peace. One thruster suspension is worth it.

Yes, of course, Audi came to a party of coupe crossovers with a fair delay. Here the ball is ruled by the progenitor of the BMW X6 genre, as well as his followers, for example, the Mercedes GLE Coupe.

But Audi managed to make a very original car, which is really fundamentally different from competitors. And it may well find its connoisseurs.

2. BMW 4 Series

The fourth series has an interesting positioning in the BMW lineup. On the one hand, it is smaller and cheaper than the pathos 6 Series. At the same time, it is more elegant and sportier than the usual "three rubles". And not as strict as the "five".

She has a gambling, aggressive design, but at the same time quite spacious interior and trunk, which makes the "Quartet" is quite a decent car for long trips. And she rides assembled, resilient, confident, even with a rather modest 2-liter engine.

3. Mazda CX-9

What happens if you take an almost flawless car and make it a little bigger? That's right, you get a big, almost flawless car.

Proved by Mazda, which successfully turned the beautiful CX-5 crossover into the equally beautiful CX-9. A huge 7-seater car with the handling of a passenger car and excellent dynamics is a rather interesting combination.

True, the price of the “nine” is premium, and this is just the case when you get a lot of car for a lot of money.

4. Volvo XC40

All manufacturers today are keen on scaling. To take one design and stick “nesting dolls” - from a compact city crossover to a giant 7-seater SUV - it is just as temptingly simple and marketing justified.

But Volvo decided to do something different. While the excellent XC60 is indeed a smaller copy of the good XC90, the new XC40 is a slightly different product.

Along with senior comrades in the lineup, the XC40 looks something like a hipster with pink hair and a bell dress against strict older aunts in business suits with decent-length skirts.

Not that it was not sexy. It's just “sexy” for another generation. And successful sales of new items in Europe prove that Volvo made the right calculation.

The compact crossover has driver inclinations, it looks futuristic and is literally crammed with the latest technologies.

5. Citroen C3 Aircross

Citroen fans were terribly happy about the appearance of the city crossover C3 Aircross and even at a sane price! In fact, of course, this is not exactly a crossover, but just a slightly raised hatchback with front-wheel drive and a set of “unique chips” typical of the French automobile industry.

Still, the Citroen C3 Aircross looks like a pretty attractive purchase. The price does not bite much (although you can’t name a cheap car), the design is very original (the model is a great way to stand out from the crowd).

If you like modern pseudo-crossovers, then the Citroen C3 Aircross is well worth considering.

6. Hyundai Santa Fe

Some laugh, looking at the "horse" price tags of Korean cars, alluding to the fact that Hyundai and KIA are already close to Volkswagen and even BMW in terms of numbers, while not yet in terms of quality.

But in recent years, taking Korean cars for a test, I increasingly find myself thinking that this statement is no longer entirely true.

So the new Santa Fe makes an unexpectedly good impression. The car looks modern and expensive. Rides quite impressive and comfortable. Doesn't bust at gas stations. Crammed with electronics and security systems. In a word, this is an interesting choice among large crossovers, although not cheap.

7. Toyota Camry

The new Camry is a little better than the old. Which was a little better than the previous one, and that one was generally perfect. Of course, all this is true if you are a successful man in his 40s who appreciates reliability most in cars and doesn’t really like a fast ride.

If desired, Camry easily and willingly accelerates, and it’s not going as fast as the old generations of this model.

And yet, this car is still more sharpened for comfort than for drive.

But the Camry design is now not so peaceful as the legendary 30s and 40s, which, in fact, created an unheard-of demand for the model in Ukraine.

In the 70th body, Camry looks modern and even quite aggressive. Many people like it. After all, now you can safely buy a reliable and respectable car, not being afraid that you will be immediately registered as pensioners.

8. Honda Civic 5D

The new Honda Civic has grown in size, has acquired a huge trunk and has become an acceptable replacement for the 7th or 8th Accord, not to mention the previous Civic.

And in version 5D, i.e. in the hatchback, the car looks completely futuristic. And Civic got quite a jet turbo engine, which, paired with a CVT, is very "lucky".

The branded Honda suspension and steering in their rightful places - the car is a little harsh but differs in perfect handling even at high speeds.

9. Mazda 6 SW

This car came to us for a test drive at the end of the year and ... made a lasting impression.

In the pictures, it is difficult to assess how beautiful the “six” looks like in a station wagon, but in life the difference with the sedan is striking.

As a rule, sedans look more beautiful than generalists built on their basis. Often the latter look like a weighted version of the former.

But not in this case. An ordinary Mazda6 is a beauty, but the Mazda6 SW is just the beauty queen.

And the rest, the impressions are purely positive, as well as from the sedan. Soft but resilient suspension. Excellent controllability. Decent dynamics (even with a 2-liter engine - so far this is the only version available in Ukraine). Well, and yes, a capacious trunk is always a plus.

The car is so successful that thanks to it, Mazda is the only manufacturer that is mentioned in our ranking twice.

10. Renault Koleos

The first Koleos, for all its plainness, was a very interesting car. With a spacious interior, a huge trunk, an economical and high-torque diesel engine and, most importantly, a surprisingly comfortable suspension.

The new generation of Renault Koleos has retained its advantages (although the suspension has become a little tougher, the kinship with the Nissan X-Trail is affecting), and it began to look noticeably prettier. You won’t lose such a car in a supermarket parking lot.

Soft, smooth ride. Good insulation, a very economical engine, plenty of space in the cabin and trunk. In short, a very good choice for the role of a family car.
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