50 Best 'My Mother Missing' Quote from Daughter & Son Mom

The best things that happened to us mothers. They raise us with love so far that they can give them all their hearts; they practically made who we are. They are great and always the most beautiful in our lives.

My mother tells us a lot. How to eat, sleep, run, jump, hug and kiss, but teach one thing.

Without being close to the mother, things can go really bad for us. , Most of the time, we still run on them to make corrections. Wouldn't thank you, beautiful woman, how long will you miss her?

This message collection is the best 'Quote My Mom Missing' can be found on the internet. Send it to your mom or post your social media wall, surely when she sees it, it'll definitely bring out her beautiful smile.

If your mom has no more, these messages will also be the best way to remember her.


1. A special gift that my mother gave me by the most benevolent lord; so I am lucky to have the best mother on earth and here my joy begins. I love you, mom, because no other woman is going to do. I just want to say you miss me. !

2. Here I am thinking about your dear mother, I am thinking about you and the moment I spent with the joy I gained from being your daughter. You are the rest of your life You may reap the fruit of your labor right now; you miss you!

3. I am lucky to have a wonderful mother like you in my life. ; A mother who loves her child deeply without compromise. You told the dad the best woman on the surface of this earth and why I am lucky to find you, I miss you!

4. I will never forget you will be what I would be on this earth-my dear mother. When you were weak you stood by my side and cared for me, among all other human beings, you alone are the most important I miss you with passion!

5. Today I bless you for me and pray to God on my knees, protect and enhance your health. We can always be proud of your children to us Praise the Lord to protect. Mommy lonely here because I want to know you miss you!


6. If you let me tell you, life is a little difficult because nobody hurts me because I've hurt anyone I wonder about this life, when everyone says I cherish me, Say I love you, my daughter. I miss you, Mom!

7. The work of being a mother will be respected forever by mankind. It is always painful to separate from your mother. Mom, I love you with passion you can't see. Because it has done me that will never do humans for me, I miss you!

8. I want you to be able to peck me now and receive your grace on my forehead. , I miss those sweet words that speak to me because I gave you more courage to succeed in life. – I want to say you miss. , Mom!

9. Mom wants to thank you for all the good things that I do in my life. ; Not only that alone but also to fill the gap of distance between us especially the emotional channel for you. I miss you, Mom!

10. You are a beautiful mother. I am lucky to have found a woman like you in his life.
Up until now, I had thought that until the mother I was an ordinary person who grew up in wonder who went my life!


11. Mommy spent every second you say loves you. I want to love you how far I have shown this moment I'm sad because I can't find it anytime soon. I miss you!

12. Imagine you understand the kind of mother I have now. A very caring and astonishing angel. I am a lucky boy who has a wonderful woman like you as a mother and why I always love you until the end of the time, I miss you I want to say. !

13. My best friend you are in life, the only true companion that I can sacrifice everything to be happy. I love you and all the shapes of my life Thank you for your advice. I miss you!

14. It is rare to find someone who loves you endlessly, like a mother. I am happy without a sweet mother for me to stay. Mom, I miss so much from the day I leave home on a green meadow, but I must always say you cherish you. !

15. My mother is a cheerful giver. , My mother is a guardian. , A wonderful gift that a mother can have every child in life; Mom I ’m sorry I did not say when I was together and everything that hurts you when you told them these words. I miss you!


16. Being tired of my day will be a better person despite all my stubbornness because I believe your child. Thank God I always tell you that you are now; just want to miss you with passion!

17. You are the best mom on earth, the only woman who can sacrifice me for her life; it's a great deal to find someone who can love me this. Your selflessness in my life Thank you for the service-I miss you!

18. I love all dear mothers about you. I look at your forehead that loves the brightness of the light you see every time I see your face. Mom, I seriously go here please bless me because it is unknown. A home to pray for the safety of your trip before you return!

19. How your peace of mind affects me like that I can't explain. Your love for me enjoys the bliss of having a good mother like you very far in life Taking me to where. I can't pay you back, but I love you until the end, I want to say you miss you. !

20. Naturally, the mother loves the child, but they love to show me is more than being special. It is a great experience to find a very good mother like you. Where I am now, I miss you because I can hug you!


21. I was ill and hospitalized, you just had a chance because I had no space to meet my dad even found I was not beside me, you didn't sleep watching me suffering from pain. I deeply miss you from the deep part of my heart!

22. Who taught me your weakness, fear, failed to realize your child's love that is your true weakness-used to tell me mom miss those beautiful stories, these Tell me the mystery and share your wisdom words with me!

23. When you were together, tell me your advice and caring me too much, until my mother's eyes can find me where I can't reach me. Come to realize how important it is. , I miss you!

24. Since you have shown all my love now and now, how to move powerfully has always been influenced by the positive life distance you will never appreciate until you have separated us. Mom, thank you all and I miss you!

25. Like a very caring mother to give thanks to God. , No day or night because I supported all in the achievement life except I think about you all good stuff. Now I express your deep love with the best words in the world I hope you can meet. , I miss you!


26. There are a lot of things I want to say to my dear mom but the distance does not give me the authority to change them. I am so sad that I couldn't be happy with you yet, for this, I make sure I'm proud of you, I miss you!

27. Never see or see a wonderful mother like you from the day you were born. You are a pioneer in life, rare in such a wonderful mom's life. Thank you for the sacrifice for me!

28. My way to success you shine is the shining star of my life. Every time I don't give up I am miserable and no one just boring woman. Mom, You are the most interesting person you have ever met in life. , I miss you!

29. I love you the most, I can tell you my whole problem because you showed me, true love. Where I am accompanied by a pilot poster to put your words on. Your touch is healing power. , I miss your mom!

30. As long as I set this in my eyes I hint of sadness my heart, where you want to be now and forever. I love you so much, my dear mother. For me, you love you will be yours forever. I miss your mom!


31. I miss your mother. , For every second of my life, I will tell you your wisdom and I will never stop showing you and I will miss your mom caring. I sincerely love you. Mommy just wants to thank you for a big role you play my life, I miss you!

32. Having a sweet mother like you will find the best experience it will find a person in life to bring me a sea of ​​joy. I wish you could express my love depth for you because you might understand how important you are. I love you and want to be with you forever. , I miss you!

33. There is nothing I can do in this world that will be full of blessings that brought mercy and love of your mother to my life. It's not very painful for you to realize here I encourage me in my tournament. You are the best mom on the planet, I miss you!

34. When you were struggling to see if you would be someone in life, now I strive to enjoy giving you never and realize how deep I love you I thought it was too protective to come to you. I miss your mom. !

35. Only one thing that will open my heart to trust you to the real core you come to my dreams. Some mothers kill their kids but instead become someone in my life Build things I want to say that I just miss me. !

36. Mom does not want to think of me not appreciating your efforts in my life. I don't have you, I want you to know that there is such an amazing mother who cares much about the happiness of her children.

37. No matter how hard you try to move in life, to your mother I can get the pain that comes with real nemesis. Because you will always be bored with this life without you in my fan life. I miss you!

38. Dear Mom, Your Absence Cages Me In Suffering, Pain And Endless Tears. This knew how to hurt the person without you, I knew you I love you and I turned around without the number I think it is not too late, I miss you!

39. Every time it appears because the sky alone cannot contain your beauty aura, the rainbow looks beautiful. It's so painful for me to live without you beside me. ; Miss you all in my heart. I pray that the Lord unites us again!

40. The most interesting person you have encountered in the life of true love only at the expense of everything, just to make me satisfied me. Now I can see your face again Taken away from me to what is now, I miss you!


41. The dream of life has been one day I can finally take your care to the best of my abilities since I finally moved out and lived my own. Thanks to God I hope it worked, but the most painful thing is that my decision separated us since these days, really miss!

42. I would hurt you, I would never disappoint you. I don't know how to do it., Perhaps today I have now suppressed my pain on my own but failed to a great extent to your mom. , I miss you!

43. I knew very well about losing things like babies, so I cried the day your house was married. Those great words emanating from your beautiful tongue. The most interesting mom, I miss you!

44. My new school pulled us away but still I gave myself some hope I would always be with you, I knew very well. Yes, it's only the truth because you are thinking. I miss you!

45. It's not easy to leave a wonderful mother like you, but I have more choice than to start my life. Once again, you can be a baby and you always want to carry me in your hands. I miss your mom but you will be cherished forever. !


46. ​​I leave my house after a beautiful visit so sad, the day of destiny. You don't know how special I always think you will live with you. , Funny, joyful and funny. I'm missing with my kids. , Until reunion!

47. All right now because having a good mother like you will be my heart without life with great privileges and without you. I love you and will always do so until the end of time, Mommy really miss my whole world!

48. Mama, this means the world to me for this You are always the best mom on earth, now the rest of my life; I always appreciate you. , Thank you, Mom, I miss you!

49. In the beginning, realizing without being able to live without you until you turn around, has always been a pillar that stood up to reach my new height today. Mother, what you are doing to be the other woman for me Indispensable for not being able to. I miss you!

50. You are a wonderful mother. I mean, the most interesting person I have ever met in my life; I miss you, my mother!

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